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We train different energy systems each day to increase cardiovascular ability and endurance. Whether it's climbing the stairs, playing with your kids or competing in high end sport, your fitness is key to a long life free from sedentary diseases.



Building strength and stability is key to longevity, progression and long term health. Using our system you can build functional muscle that will result in a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.



Keep the heart rate elevated and the body warm as you work on different skills, stretches and mobilisations for a better functioning, better feeling body. Recovery is an important part of any training program and the emphasis is on personalising it for you.

Group Training

Never be bored again!

With 40 sessions per week to choose from, each class contains every core element you need to achieve a great session.

Our small group classes contain all the key elements of fitness covered throughout the week: Power - speed - balance - coordination - stability - strength + endurance. We personally create a complete and diverse programme with an emphasis on great quality movement, longevity and recovery at the core. Start with your journey with the fundamentals or schedule a consultation for a time that suits you.

3 sessions of fundamentals are necessary before starting in classes, these sessions cover all the basics and help us to assess your needs and tailor the movements to your current ability to allow you to progress in the best way possible. An InBody Scan is included in these to help measure your progress from day 1.

Group Online

Train with us anywhere, anytime!

Have your own gym? Previous member who loved the Wild Way? Not local but want to follow a great programme? Or is a bit of accountability all you need? There’s many reasons our online option is a great offering.

Join our online group where you will be briefed on the key performance points by our head coaches and have access to our app where you can log in for the session and then log your results, be it weight you lifted, reps you achieved or progression of movement you managed.
With 2 options available it’s suitable for every level, ability and equipment availability.

Try 1 week for free:


Personal Training

Lets get specific.

Over our combined 50 years experience of working with clients we have seen it all, and worked with it all.
No matter what it is, we can help - with membership options to suit everyone. Whether it be in person, online, or a mix of both; whatever your goals may be, our top priority is to reach them in the most efficient way possible with a completely customised program.

From long standing injuries/niggles that just won't go away, to postural abnormalities, to pre/post surgery issues, pre- & post-natal exercise to more complex health issues we can work with you and other health care providers to increase your quality of life and give you more confidence in yourself and your abilities. We also specialise in olympic lifting and gymnastic movements so if your focus is to excel in certain technical aspects of your performance we can tailor a programme to help you achieve your goals. We know where our expertise begins and ends and for that reason we have a great referral network of other top healthcare providers which we can recommend to you.

Other Services

Cover all aspects.

With a range of services to cover all aspects from general and nutrition accountability to manual manipulation to sports psychology our services come in every form from 1-1 sessions, seminars to workshops.

InBody Scan: Using this state-of-the-art body composition analysis machine we can take the focus away from the 1 number on the scale and focus on creating a more even and healthy make up of total weight.

Sports Therapy: Part of a holistic approach to training is addressing past or present injuries, be they acute or chronic. Our in house therapist will help keep you pain free and improve your movement patterns.



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